Expansion, Belgium

Expansion is a Belgian marketing and communication agency that aims to boost the visibility and impact of public and private-sector organisations. Expansion combines all the skills found in a marketing and communication department in a single structure: a multidisciplinary team of 40 colleagues with extensive expertise in brand development.



The agency is structured around four areas of expertise: strategy, events & media, branding and digital. Their strategy team offers a wide range of research, the creation of communication and marketing plans and strategies as well as training courses. Event and media services include media management, event planning, press relations and direct and field marketing, advertising, sponsoring and partnerships. Graphic services include creating visual identities, radio ads, TV commercials and video clips and the creative design of publications and stands. Expansion’s digital teams take care of market research, internet strategy, website creation, website audits, SMM, SEO, email marketing, display advertising, web copywriting, among others.

Their projects are mainly situated in the Brussels Region and Wallonia, and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Expansion’s clients include AWEX World Forum of French, Total Belgium and Luxembourg, InvestSud and Nestlé BelgiLux

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