Peanuts & Monkeys, Spain

Peanuts & Monkeys is an award-winning Spanish marketing agency. Their competence is mostly advertising but also covers strategy. They specialise in bringing notoriety to brands with unconventional strategies.



Peanuts & Monkeys carry out end-to-end campaigns (with integration of digital media in the creative strategy, presale resources and traffic generation to PoS).

They use technological tools in the research processes to obtain buyer persona and creative insights.

They have worked with high profile international companies such as Mitsubishi, Lotus, Disney, Ford, Renfe, and National Geographic.

In 2018, Peanuts & Monkeys won 9 awards in the World Independent Advertising Awards (WINA) and got the Platinum Award for the Best Agency of the Year in the Luxury Advertising Awards. Peanuts & Monkeys is still in the Top 5 of the ranking of the best Spanish independent agencies.

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