The idea of CommUnity for Europe EEIG (C4E) was initiated two years ago after a strategic analysis of the EU institutional communication and event market in a post-Brexit context, by raising a simple question: How, as a communication agency, can we contribute to the / one of the major challenges of the last decades which is to re-enchant Europe and the European project? In other words, how can we talk to hyperlocal audiences throughout the European Union with a strong storytelling to inspire EU citizens wherever they live in Europe?

CommUnity International Network was created at that time and some of its member agencies have volunteered to become part of the CommUnity for Europe EEIG.

As of today, C4E integrates 10 members within one single structure with one chain of command based in Brussels, while directly covering 12 European Member States.

Its outreach and implementation capabilities are extended over the other Member States and beyond thanks to the CommUnity International Network.


The agility of our structure, the stability of the processes, the simplicity of governance, and the proximity of the European Institutions and audiences make C4E capable of reacting and adapting to any kind of situation. We believe that our internal organisation marked by multilingual and multidisciplinary staff, and our network of agencies in EU27 and the world, can contribute with its own specialist skill set and characteristics to the implementation of any EU overall communication and event communication activities, campaigns and events.



C4E benefits from the experience of Phrenos, the leading member, in managing a variety of projects for the EC/EUIs, ranging from World exhibitions, PR and social media-focused strategies, to public affairs, stakeholders’ campaigns, and running of Secretariats of large-scale projects.

C4E has a direct access to all sorts of think tanks (Friends of Europe, Centre for European Policy Studies, Centre for the New Europe, European Policy Centre…) and university networks (College of Europe, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, European Institute at the London School of Economics, University of Amsterdam…) which have -for almost all of them- an office in Brussels.


We have a permanent staff of 422 people.

They are: Strategists, Analysts, Storytellers, Advertisers, PR Experts, Creative Director, Art Director, Researchers, Community Managers, Graphic Designers, Web Developers, Content Editors, Online Event Experts, Copywriters, Proofreaders, Project Managers, Event Managers, Illustrators, Quality Controllers, Assistants, Backstoppers, Photographers.

20 Languages are spoken (including Khmer, Hebrew and Russian), and more than 15 nationalities are represented.

We are working like the EU does: mixing people and expertise to design a common project.


Our members collect professional awards and mentions in international competitions and professional rankings, like the #SheisWe EDD18 campaign for the Sabre Award 2019 (Phrenos), IMC Czech Award for (Visibility), Best Content Marketing Award (Husare), Best BtoB Mail campaign Award (Hartinger), WINA (Peanuts & Monkeys), Best Polish Advertising (Advertiva), etc. Our connection to the Zeitgeist provides C4E the capacity to constantly reinvent communication campaigns and the key messages we wish to vehicle.


With a consolidated turnover of over EUR 50 million in 2019, our EEIG has the financial assets, stability and solidity to manage properly any type of challenge.

Thanks to our pan-European geographical scope we are able to identify the right target audiences and stakeholders for each communication activity or campaign and to reach out to them.